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The Netbase Water Network Management System represents the client water operator’s water supply and distribution network with all associated date series, spatial and time series data. Netbase provides the current operational and monitored status of the network and supports a wide range of network management, NRW, operational performance and modelling activities undertaken by Water Utilities. Netbase is a multi-user system and fully supports many users on the local network and through remote access. The system is fully spatial and incorporates the ILOG GIS component enabling spatial analysis and maps. The system can be implemented as non-spatial, using the hierarchy of network areas to navigate around the database.

Netbase Features

  • Visualisation and spatial analysis of the network with views and graphical tools for organising large volumes of data
  • Central repository for time series data from SCADA, telemetry, loggers and AMR / AMI
  • British, Irish and international water balance, leakage, NRW and losses analysis for regulatory reporting (top down) and District Metered Areas (bottom up)
  • Network connectivity schematic and analysis tool representing the links from water sources to district areas and customers
  • Hydraulic model management using Netbase as the source of data for building and maintaining models and exporting them into industry standard software
  • Flexible reporting and customised views satisfying day to day business processes, management and regulatory reporting
  • Config tool for setting up and maintaining the network configuration and monitored asset signals in the database
  • Automated Data Manager which schedules the database updates from the corporate systems interfaces

Netbase Database

The integrated (Oracle) database is the foundation of the Netbase Water Network Management System. It contains a time series data repository of all flow, pressure and level data, updated from monitoring systems on at least a daily basis. The database contains relational tables and activities tables of network information loaded and regularly updated from corporate systems data.

Netbase Applications

Netbase has a suite of applications that have been developed over many years, working in partnership with major Water Utilities. They embody water engineering principles and best practice. The network information application provides the core functionality of the system for navigating, displaying and analysing the information in the database tables. The LATIS and Sumdat applications provide the core functionality of the time series data with graphical displays, daily summaries and analysis. The Config Tool application enables the configuration of the water supply and distribution network, the monitored assets and their time series data signals to be maintained by authorized users.

Netbase Implementation

The core system of Netbase is implemented with the following applications;

  • Network Information - Provides core functionality for navigating, displaying and analysing the data.
  • Config Tool - For setting up and maintaining the configuration of the network, monitored assets and signals.
  • LATIS & Sumdat - Provide core functionality for displaying and summarising the time series data held in the Time Series Data Repository (TSDR) and the source systems.
  • Water Balance - Maintains the daily analysis and history of total integrated flow, NRW and losses for zones and DMAs.
  • Alarms & Network Events - For monitoring abnormal flow, pressure and level patterns and relating them to equipment failure and operational events in the network.

The following applications will be added to the core system according to the client’s requirements;

  • NetConn - The network connectivity schematics tool for operational visualisation and analysis.
  • Campaigns - The management tool for the ALC detection and repair effort in order to achieve NRW / leakage reduction targets
  • LoS Pressure - For monitoring pressure management in DMAs in relation to the critical points and service levels to customers.
  • Resources - For monitoring abstraction and impounding reservoir levels in relation to licenses and seasonal rule curves.
  • Demand - For individual households and small area PCC and night use monitoring.
  • HM Manager - Provides a comprehensive hydraulic model management and modelling system integrated with water distribution modelling software.
  • Area & Asset Performance - Provides analysis tools for the zonal analysis and capital planning of underground assets (pipe performance and replacement).

Standard reports are included with the core system and reports, specifically required by clients, are added in the implementation of the system;

  • Reports & Views - Netbase contains reporting tools and script reports for management and regulatory reporting and for business process functions.

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