• Providing expert consultancy services to the water industry

  • International smart water network consultants

  • Professional fieldwork services including data logging and leakage detection

  • Specialists in the fields of water distribution and sewer networks

  • Creators of the Netbase water network management system

  • Developing innovative software solutions to water industry challenges

Water Industry Consultants

Crowder Consulting have provided expert consultancy services and innovative software solutions to the water industry for over 30 years. We have positioned ourselves in specialist areas of the water industry, namely in the fields of water supply, water distribution and sewer networks.

The development of our Netbase water distribution management system is fully integrated with the areas of our consultancy expertise. It is used on consultancy projects and when the system is implemented for clients; our consultancy services have a significant role in these projects.

“We have found Crowder to be an excellent company to deal with”

Netbase: World Leading Clean Water Management Software

The system is under continuous development in line with the progress of the water industry

Consultancy Services

Our Water Supply & Network Distribution experience covers planning, analysis, design, support and fieldwork. The areas of expertise include leakage/NRW management, customer side services, hydraulic modelling, capital maintenance, network improvement and strategic planning. Our Sewer Networks experience covers planning, analysis, fieldwork surveys, modelling and support. Recent activities comprise surveys and analysis of customer drainage and sewer network ancillaries for regulatory aspects of blockages and pollution.

Data & Information Services

We have substantial experience with many water utility clients in analysing, mapping, interfacing and integrating very large volumes of corporate systems data. These systems include GIS, customer billing, customer contacts, work management, asset management, water quality, SCADA, telemetry and proprietary logging systems (e.g. Halma, Primayer, Technolog, SEBA, i2O, OSI-PI).

Network Management Software

The Netbase Water Network Management System (WNMS) is installed and applied in many of the UK and Irish Water Utilities and in a number of key utilities internationally. The system is under continuous development in line with the progress of the water industry, incorporating state of the art information systems technologies. We are progressing with new requirements for a sewer network management system.